Monday, January 16, 2006

Who Is With Me? Declutter Your House in 21 Days

I know we all have the excuse of the recent holidays, oh, and since today is Martin Luther King's Day, we also have the excuse of a current holiday.....but, whew!, is your house in as much need for a holiday break as mine is??

In this blog at some time or another I've written out our family's daily schedule and a homeschooling schedule, and who-knows-what other seemingly wise advice, but in reality, I'm just a gal spinning her wheels like you are. I have grand plans, but life, and four kids under age ten, somehow keeps me off balance!

Our problem, I can see clearly by the stack of boxes in my bedroom as I type, is CLUTTER. I think it was FlyLady who said, "If you have too much laundry to do, you have too many clothes!" Well, I am guilty of that 100%!

I hope I'm not disappointing you who regularly read this blog, but I think you need a dose of reality! Several of you have written me and commented on how together I seem to have it, or that I am intimidating to you, since you don't have it together quite yet. Well, like I say right on the Home Page of this blog, I am just the girl right beside you, not in front of or behind you. I'm learning right along with you. So often, we tell ourselves that others know all the secrets we don't know, and that everyone else has all her ducks in a row. I've found that is just not true! We are all struggling in one area or another.

I'm committing to getting my clutter under control. A clutter-free house is an easy house to keep clean. I know, because I've had that once, when we moved to this house two years ago. We didn't have any clutter inside (the garage did) and the house was a breeze to keep clean and company-ready. Somehow we collected too much stuff in the two years since our move. I want to have my decluttered house back!

I've sought out the counsel of others who are wiser than I am. I have been helped by FlyLady in the past, and she has some great advice. But for this decluttering, I'd like to try Mrs. Catherine's (a.k.a. Cat) series entitled "It Takes 21 Days."

Are you in this with me? 21 days to a clutter-free house?

If so, read Mrs. Cat's first entry, called "Who is With Me?"

And then let me know who is with me!

We're starting tomorrow, Tuesday, January 17th, 2006!

by Lori Seaborg


Random Images Art said...

Hello, I was doing a search on homeschooling blogs on and happened upon yours. We are also a homeschool family and I like seeing good, clean, Christian blogs on blogspot. Keep up the good work! I thought I might pass on a quick tip that some friends of ours once shared with us. What they do to keep their house uncluttered is exercise the following rule: If you see something in your house that you have not used in 6 months, get rid of it. Someway, somehow.
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BayouMaMa2 said...

Hi! I'm a little late getting started...but I'm with you. I must warn you...I have a very hard time sticking with anything. I am "consistently inconsistent." That about sums me up in a nutshell.

God has really been dealing with me that He wants my home and life to be open to others and to stop hiding behind windows peeking through the curtains. My light has been hid under a bushel long enough. Okay...(BIG SIGH)...let's get-r-done.