Sunday, January 01, 2006

Happy New Year

Computer problems still plague us at home. I am praying daily for a little Divine Intervention! But on the bright side....

not having a computer gives me extra time in my day. I've been cleaning and organizing and crafting. It's the crafting that makes me smile. These have been fun days, even without a computer.

Still, I miss you all! I'm at my parent's computer in Florida right now for the holidays. I'll let you know when God answers our prayers and we are blessed with a working computer!

Have a wonderful holiday!

by Lori Seaborg


Marie said...

There's always the library! (I go there whenever our computer crashes)

Kim said...

Hi! Sorry to hear about your computer problems...I can't stand it when I don't have complete access to a computer on a daily basis. I think that is what they call Good Luck with getting it back up and running!