Wednesday, January 18, 2006

DAY TWO Decluttering our Front Entrances

Tim and I spent the afternoon in the back yard, decluttering it. We picked up lumber and stacked it, put branches in the burn pile, and Tim even shingled the roofs for our goats and chickens. Now I want it to rain, so we can test it out!

We also moved the bunnies to be near the goats' pen. This keeps all the animals (except the dog, Toby) in one place. The goat pen adjoins the chicken aviary and the rabbits are attached to the wall of the goats' pen. I hope they enjoy one another's company! I think that moving the animals like this is a form of decluttering, as it allows me to be more efficient in the mornings when I feed the animals.

Today's challenge from Mrs. Cat is our Front Porch area. We didn't get to that at our house today, as we had our 2-year-old outside with us and didn't want her near the front road. Feel free to adjust the challenges to suit your day, also.

Here is your reading for today! Be sure to read what Mrs. Cat says about our goal of not spending extra money for these 21 days. Enjoy!

(a note: I apologize for not getting this up this morning! Tim is off work today, so I plumb forgot to blog it!)

by Lori Seaborg

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BayouMaMa2 said...

My front entrance is not so bad right now. BayouPaPa recently tidied up there. My door could use a good cleaning...but it's so cold right now...I'll wait till I can stand outside with the windex bottle and not shiver. ;-)

So that being said, I'm going to go and tidy up my kitchen table right now. I also brought my neighbor some MREs that we had stacked up on the floor by the table. Her kids love my "mess" was her blessing. *sigh*