Thursday, January 26, 2006

Day Eight: Decluttering Our Homes: The Master Bedroom

Just a few days ago, I said I felt like I'd been taken off the hook because Mrs. Cat's* focus was on the Family Room and I (pat, pat) have that room in ORDER.

Today, our focus is on the Master Bedroom and I have not only been placed on the hook again, but I have also been placed under a spotlight for all to see the fraud that I am!

Mrs. Cat says of the master bedroom (this is painful to write!), "This room should take precedence over all the others. This room over all the others shows where you place your marriage in your priority list. This room shows how we are feeling and exactly what we are thinking in regard to our spouse."

Is there anyone else who has sore toes from being stepped on by Mrs. Cat??

Recently, I did get our bathroom and our closets cleaned out. Tim was happy to come home to an organized closet one day! I told him that I will maintain it as long as he doesn't purposely (lazily, I meant) mess it up. He has held his end of the bargain, throwing dirty clothes in the laundry basket instead of on the closet floor, and I have kept the closet clean by peeking in there daily and putting clean laundry where it belongs.

In our master bedroom, we have had boxes to be sorted stacked against a wall. They were there for months, so I moved them to the garage last week. The boxes still have to be sorted -- I didn't really fix the problem -- but they don't need to be in our master bedroom while waiting for me to get to them!

If you are overwhelmed by the work to be done, just set a timer for 15 minutes and only work that long. You will be so surprised by how much you got done in 15 minutes!

Here is the post for you to read today (click here)! I am off to work on the master bedroom!

* To those who are just joining in, Mrs. Cat is a blogger who has great ideas on getting the house in order. We are reading her posts for 21 days as we work to declutter our homes.

by Lori Seaborg

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