Saturday, January 21, 2006

Day FOUR Decluttering Challenge: The Bathroom

Today's focus is on the bathroom. You can read today's advice in Mrs. Cat's entry, which we have been reading daily (click on this last sentence to go there).

Here are a few of my own bathroom tips:

  • Wipe the bathroom every day with a Clorox (or whatever brand) antibacterial wipe. I usually use one wipe; sometimes two. Wipe in this order, so that you are going from cleanest to dirtiest, as far as germs are concerned: the doorknob, the light switch, the sink handles, the countertop, the sink, the toilet top, the toilet seat, and the base of the toilet. If you do this daily, you will never have to face cleaning a dirty bathroom again. It will always be maintained and company-ready. Another plus: your kids can do this easy job for you!
  • Change the hand towel daily. This cuts down on germ-spreading and is a minimal amount of extra laundry to do.
  • The push-up Aquafresh for Kids toothpaste is a good one to give the kids, as it only allows them to pump up the right amount each time. No toothpaste messes and no waste!
  • Keep extra toilet paper in the bathroom, preferably within reach of the toilet. This seems like common sense, but I've been guilty of only storing it in the hallway closet!
  • Have the kids sponge the bathtub and shower area while they are bathing (or before they get out). Just let them use one of those scrunchies (I dedicate an old one to this job) and let them use plain old soap. It does a fine job and isn't toxic for your little ones. When the shower and tub are soaped-up, turn on the shower to rinse.
  • Recently, I found trashcans at BigLots that are perfect for a bathroom. They are plastic and have a hinge lid, the kind that swing back and forth like a big trashcan at a park or a stadium. They were only $1.99 each and nestle right next to my toilet nicely. I put a plastic grocery bag in mine as a liner. These trash cans are very nice for your used Kleenexes and for your "monthly visitor", as they hide the trash. (I've also seen stainless steel trash cans like these at Tuesday Morning. Of course, they were much pricier, but very chic!)

I'll keep us going on our decluttering again, starting Monday. Have a wonderful weekend!

by Lori Seaborg

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