Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Decluttering Challenge -- DAY ONE

Today is our first day to work on decluttering our houses! Are you as ready as I am?

If you missed the Introduction to this topic, please scroll down to read yesterday's post. You are not behind! Especially not yet - we haven't really begun yet.

Your first task today is to read Mrs. Cat's Day One post. Your first assignment is to create a layout of your house.

My layout looks like this:

Front Porch
Foyer and Foyer Closet
Laundry Room
Living Room
Back Porch
Hallway and Hall Closet
Main Bathroom
Boys' Room and Closet
Girls' Room and Closet
Master Bedroom
Master Bathroom and Closets
(I'm leaving the Garage Monster out of the 21 Day Plan for this time around!)

For the rest of the day, as you wander through your house, pay attention to things that you may want to get rid of when you delcutter. Do you love the item? Does it bring back happy memories, or at least not sad/mad ones? Ask those questions as you decide what really deserve a place of honor in your home.

We are all working together for these 21 days, but since all of us have different rooms to tackle, and different messes in different rooms (for example, my Living Room is already clutter-free, but the Boys ' Room is a mess), we will work independently on each room. So, as Mrs. Cat suggests, and as FlyLady does as well, work for 45 minutes then take a 15 minute break, working as you can on each area. If you don't have a full 45 minutes free today, then just work 15 minutes each day in an area that needs it.

We will focus on certain areas each day as we keep reading Mrs. Cat's posts.

Are you ready? Create your Layout then start your timer and declutter a little today!

I'm with you!

See you tomorrow as we start on the Front Porch area!

1 comment:

BayouMaMa2 said...

Homework: Write down a layout of my home.

Ok...here goes...

Entrance/Dining Area
Kitchen Counter (has a life of its own)
Living Room/Foyer Area
Living Room/Family Area
Living Room/Office Area
Front Bathroom
BayouBoy's Room
BayouGirl & BayouBaby's Room
Master Bedroom
Filing Cabinet (also has a life of its own)
Master Bathroom
Enclosed Patio/Guestroom

Whew! Well...that wasn't so bad.