Monday, January 30, 2006

Day Ten: Declutter Your Home Series: The Kitchen

I wrote this blog to you earlier, but it deleted before it posted. That is so frustrating!

Here you go again, much later....

This is the link to Mrs. Catherine's post on decluttering the kitchen (click here).

I just want to add a note to you moms of young children, like I have....

I don't think we need to feel guilty or burden-pressed by the idea of the Dinner Hour. It is a goal for us to work toward, and of course, we would love to have a beautiful ritual of a Dinner Hour, with well-behaved children, adoring husband, and pretty things surrounding us, but we are in a stage....just a phase....of years in which our children are young. It won't be long at all until they grow up and we can have our pretty Dinner Hour with their help.

Right now, let's give our Mommy Guilt a break by just taking baby steps. We can begin by concentrating on getting a nutritious meal into our youngsters while teaching them the basics of manners.

by Lori Seaborg

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Why Just Survive? said...

I am always telling my friends to remember that they are in a phase! I am the mother of 7, my oldest is 9. I have a couple of "older" kids now, but there was a time when my home was all toddlers and babies, or all preschoolers, toddlers and babies. Those are definitely the hard years, and everyone should take your advice and let go of the guilt. At the time it seems like your in that period forever, but someday you do come out of it and those years will simply be the "early days".