Sunday, November 27, 2005

How to Get More Readers to Your Blog

Someone recently asked me how to get more readers to their blog. Here is what I suggested:

1. The best way to keep others visiting your blog is to blog! Silly-sounding, but it works! Blog every day if possible (that's something I preach but don't practice), but at least a few times a week. Readers will stop coming to your blog if they don't see new posts.

2. Visit others' blogs and leave comments there. This is my #1 way of promoting my own blog. Don't say, "Come visit my blog" - that' s not in good taste. Instead, comment on the blog post that you just read, or you may say, "I was just writing about this on my blog, too....". Out of curiosity, people will click through to your blog (always, always sign in before commenting or your comment will be "anonymous," and then there won't be a link to click).

3. Add a few friends to your blog. When people see that they are your "friend" they will often add you, too, and they'll be curious about your blog, so will visit it. You can add friends in the maintenance page (where you add new posts). Click on "Manage Friends."

4. When you write a post, now and then end it with a question. In your post on Managing School Time, you might ask, at the end of the article, "So how do you manage your school time?" This encourages commenters.

5. You need to have your blog in your email signature. Write it in its full form, such as . By adding the http://www, you are making the link clickable. Anyone who reads your emails will then know about your blog.

Does anyone else have any other suggestions?

by Lori Seaborg

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Your mom said...

Keep it interesting and personal. Relate your own experiences, struggles and times of being on top of the world. I love to read your blogs.